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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fashion Flash #1

Hey Guys,

There are a few items I've seen passing on the internet that I absolutely love and wanted to blog about. The autumn/winter collections are slowly but surely filling the racks of the stores and even if the sun is still giving its best I'm already looking for a nice pair of boots and a gorgeous coat to keep me warm in Winter. Bloggers are starting to chat about the new a/w collections that they've seen on the runways and that's what I'm going to do. Here is the first and quick little post about three things I'm absolutely loving!

This gorgeous Burberry poncho Cara Delevigne wore on their show. This just screams fall to me! A big blanket that you can throw on when you're a little chilly while sipping a hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course). I can really picture myself wearing this on a snowy day walking the dog in the country side with rainboots and a felt fedora hat. Sadly I'll probably never own this because of its somewhat expensive price tag of €1.050 (auwtch, my dream just got shattered). But if I win the lottery, I'll definitely have this hanging in my closet. (please God, bear with me).

I love me some Mulberry AND bucket bags. If these two collab, you get this. A beautiful bag called the Kensington. Still classy, but a little more exciting than the normal black bag. The colour/leather is absolutely gorgeous and it has a certain casual look to it. Right up my alley but sadly I haven't won the lottery yet. With a pricetag of a little under €2000 it's a 'bit' over my budget.

And last but not least are these River Island Light Wash Ashley Slim Boyfriend jeans. I've always loved the effortless look of the boyfriend style but never thought I could pull it off, but when I saw these on asos I convinced myself I should try it out. Because they're the 'slim boyfriend jeans' they look a little more feminine than the really baggy ones, perfect to wear with a pair of pointy toe heels, a white blouse with statement necklace, a beautiful clutch and a pair of big sunglasses. I don't have to tell you that I'll probably order them soon (since they are the more affordable out of the three), I see a haul coming up here!

Do you have any fashion faves you're absolutely in love with?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pink pants | Green plants

Top: H&M
Pants: Zara
Jacket: New look
Clutch: Turkey - Alanya
Shoes: Converse All Stars
Ps: A big thank you to my friend and photographer Soetkin

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wishlist #LostCount

We all love to do some shopping right? And what do we do if the money is gone? oh yes, we make wishlists for when the money is back! I was browsing on some online stores (like I do most of the time) and came across these beautiful items. 

This white/silver long skirt is just stunning. The whole skirt is made out of little rhinestones. It looks so chique and glam and so much more expensive than it actually is! I know €125 is still a lot of money, but this skirt seriously looks like a thousand dollars worth! It reminds me of the glamorous life of Marilyn Monroe or even The Great Gatsby (Topshop - €125)

A simple but classy coral blouse that would look amazing tucked into a high waisted jeans with a gorgeous statement necklace for a casual outfit, but also perfect with a pencil skirt and some high heels! This shirt is so versatile, but the colour adds a little 'fun' to it. (Topshop - €40)

I've been looking for a wallet for a while now, I didn't want to pay a crazy amount but I still wanted it to be good quality and preferably 'designer'. I just fell in love when I found this one from Tory Burch, the colour is a gorgeous pinky red called kir royal and it's made of saffiano leather which makes it very durable and less likely to get scrated. The colour doesn't shows up exactly the same but here's a link so you can check out all of the colours (Tory Burch - €190)

Now onto an item every Sex And The City lover and fashionista has seen pass by! These stunning Manolo Blahniks were Carrie Bradshaw's 'something blue' in the first SATC movie and are my love at first sight! A little over my budget, but these shoes seriously deserve a moment of silence; feminine, elegant, chique and classy all at the same time. They scream, I'm an independant, selfmade, classy woman, with great sense of fashion, and I choose to wear something a little more exciting than the simple black or nude court shoes. (Manolo Blahnik - €764,67)

Well hello there, beauty. An uber sophisticated version of the skort. Ready to wear to prom. The skort has been taken to the next (more classy) level, and hell yeah I love it! (Topshop - €65)

This one here is a whole other story. It evens out all the class and glamour on my wishlist by giving the famous 'Devil wears Prada' a little twist. A more casual T, that would look amazing with some skinny jeans, clutch and heels, because this hometown girl still need a little class. (Asos - €25,35)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Life Post | Beach Week

Hey Guys,

This post is all about my week at the beach with my 3 best friends. I had an amazing time enjoying the weather and life! The weather was beautiful, sun at all times, so perfect for the beach and some cocktails! We stayed in an apartment in 'Heist' (Belgium) but sometimes went to 'Knokke' to do some shopping. Our week mainly consisted out of sunbathing at the beach, Sex and the City, eating and occasionally some drinking. If you ever go to the beach with friends I would highly recommend to buy a bottle of rosé or whatever you like, and go to the beach at night, watch the sunset (later the stars) and just talk about life! The night me and my friends decided to do that was just magical, it was one of the best nights I had in a long time.

#Heist #EnjoyingLife #Blessed
We went to Knokke to get brunch in Pain Quotidien, the best place to get a delicious brunch.  It's not the cheapest place, but definitely worth it!
#Knokke #PainQuotidien #Brunch
Whoever said you're too old to jump on the trampoline was horribly wrong! As crazy as I am, I persuaded a friend to jump on the trampoline with me. We got some weird looks, but seriously had the best time! It was so much fun. So be a little crazy in life, it never hurts.
#Heist #You'reNeverTooOld #Fun
The last night of our stay we decided to go to a beach cocktail place and get some dinner afterwards. Sadly I've no food pics, but I can tell you, it was heaven on earth!
#Heist #Cocktails #DinnerWithTheGirls
Some sunbathing at the beach #Heist #Sun #Bronzed

Cause a pink fountain is all a woman wants. #Knokke #PinkFountain
A special thank you to my girls (Romina, Laura and Elke) that made this happen, you're the best and I truely love you all! You guys made this week, a week with great memories and one to never ever forget again!

~ "It's hard to find people who will love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find three of them." ~ Carrie Bradshaw

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summertime Sweater

Shorts: EDC
Jumper: Zara
 Shoes: Bronx
Necklace: Primark
Handbag: Mulberry Alexa
~A special thank you to my friend and photographer, Soetkin ~