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Friday, December 27, 2013

A naughty Boxing Day purchase

Hey Guys,

You may or may not know I've been saving quite a few months now for a Mulberry bag. Mulberry is one of my favorite designers and I fell in love with the small bayswater satchel. So I started saving up for it at the end of August. Since I work in the weekends I could save a good amount every month. I've booked a trip to London so I told myself I could buy the bag when I was there. BUT, on boxing day (yesterday) I was just browsing on twitter and saw a tweet from Sarah Sandiford (citygirlsfashionbox) asking if anyone of us had picked something up from the Mulberry sale. So I went to the online site, convinced my bag wasn't on sale since it's a classic bag and a color that returns every year. But clearly I was wrong! The bag was (still is) on sale!!! You even can't imagine how happy I was, I literally jumped up and down screaming. I ordered it immediately and now I'm waiting full of excitement for it to arrive.

This is the bag
pictures from the official Mulberry Site

Isn't she a beauty!
As soon as this bag arrives I'll do a post showing you how they wrapped everything and how it looks like. #ExcitementOverload

Monday, December 23, 2013

Life Update #1 Finals, Fur Coat, Christmas presents

Hey Guys

Let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged for about a month (shame on me). I'm so busy with school, as you may or may not know I'm in college now and I'm studying fashion technology. We had to make 6 skirts this semester and I can proudly say I made it true. But the most important thing has yet to come, FINALS. So, here in Belgium we've around two weeks just to study for our exams and then we all start in the beginning of January until the end. Let's just say I'm not too happy that I've to study on Christmas and New Years. But If I'm totally honest, I'm not planning do study the whole night! Now that we got that not so pleasant news out of the way let's talk some fashion and fun shall we? The first of January the sales start and oh my god I'm way too excited for them to come along! I told myself I could only visit one store since 1. I'm saving for my Mulberry and 2. I'm in the middel of my finals. And can you all guess what store? Zara of course, I've fallen back in love! They are so trendy and sooo absolutely gorgeous! I'm eyeing one specific thing, the beautiful fur coat and I'm so scared they will be sold out in my store. The problem is, They're already sold out my size online, and two days ago I went to the store and they had only one left in my size. Maybe I should of gotten it there and then, but wouldn't it be crazy if I paid full prize for something that may be half off the week after? So let's wait with the chance he's sold out, and if it is, I will totally kill myself.

Here is that gorgeous and ooh so cosy looking coat.
Isn't it a beauty? I know, some people might think this coat looks like something a hooker would wear but hey, it's not about what people think but it's about what you like, what you want to wear! Don't ever let the tought of 'what will other people think of me' stop you from buying anything. If you like it than just buy it!

With that being said, let's talk about some more fun! Christmas night is tomorrow and I'm way too excited. I can't wait to open my presents and see the faces when my family opens mine, I love that feeling of happiness because you gave something to another and they absolutely love it, it's the best feeling in the world!

So here is a sneak peak of what I got my family for Christmas
I bought my mom a beautiful babypink scarf from Zara. My sister said she really liked this heart necklace pendant so I got it for her from a local store. My dad wished for a new electronic toothbrush so I made his wish come true. And oops yes I got something for myself. I was eyeing this beautiful necklace from Zara for months but I couldn't justify spending so much money but since it's Christmas I just bought it as a little treat for myself. If you would like me to do a 'what I got for Christmas' post just ask.

I hope you guys liked this update, merry christmas and have an amazing day full of love!