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Friday, November 30, 2012

Animal Jumpers

Hi Guys!

Since it's almost December now, all stores have their winter collection in. When I was browsing around in the New Look and H&M I saw there where a lot of animal printed jumpers and also online you can find hundreds of them! They are sooo amazingly cute and of course really comfy! And some of them even have a little Christmas-y touch. I absolutely love them. They will keep you warm all winter long without looking unfashionable.

Here are some of my favorites.

Image 1 of ASOS Christmas Cat Jumper
This jumper is sooo adorable! With the cat and the Christmas hat! I absolutely love it! It's a great Christmas jumper, but I would ware it the whole winter true.
 Asos: 41,67 €

Image 1 of Paul and Joe Sister Cat Jumper
Asos: 250,52€

Beaded Owl Blue Jumper
I absolutely love this purple color! Great for a little pop of color during the winter time.
Romwe online: 47,95€

Knitted Cat Face Print Black Jumper
Romwe online: 34,51€

What is your favorite jumper? :) I love them ALL! I think I might even pick up one soon!

Thanks for reading! <3

Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Skull Scarfs!

Hey Guys

I know, again, I owe you an apology for my lack of blogging lately! I've been very busy with college. But while I'm working for school I still have a tiny bit of time to spot some trends for Fall and Winter. I've done some blogs about fashion trends for F/W already, but new trends keep on popping up! Skulls and crosses are really in right now. You see them everywhere, on T-shirt, jumpers even on pants! But the most popular item are SCARVES! of course almost everyone knows about the Alexander Mcqueen skull scarfs! A huge hype right now!
Here are some beautiful examples.

Aubergine/Ruby Silk Skull Scarf
This is the original, very pretty Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf with, sadly, a really spicy price tag! (295.00$)
Bordeaux/Black Skull Pashmina
This Amazing scarf is also an original Mcqueen one. And I'm not really thrilled to tell you this one is even more expensive than the burgundy one! (455.00$) Oh God!
luckily a lot of affordable brands are making their own skull scarfs now!
this one is a gorgeous black scarf from Zara, for only 19,95€.

Cream skull scarf
Dorothy Perkins (12€)

Pull and Bear also made a skull scarf, but this one is a little bit more different than the other skull scarves. Most are made out off a silky material, but this little baby is made out off a thicker material. And all that for only 19,99€.
Are you going to rock this trend, or do you prefer the floral or tribal prints?

Thanks for reading <3
Gill xoxo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lovely Burgundy

Hey Guys!

Since it's getting colder and colder here in Belgium I have to pull my Winter clothes out of my closet already! Of course, I want to be trendy all the time, also in Winter! But sometimes it's pretty hard to look fashionable and have warm at the same time! That's why I try to work with colors most of the time. This Fall/Winter burgundy is a HUGE trend. You can see it in every corner in every shop. Zara and H&M have a lot of cute and affordable clothes in the beautiful burgundy color! I've bought a burgundy pants and jumper myself!

Even accessories and shoes are made in this beautiful color!

All of the clothes you've seen are from Zara. If you're looking for a beautiful piece in burgundy I would highly recommend to take a look there! But of course you can find them in every store right now!

Thanks for reading!! <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

!! Boots !!

Hey Guys!

I'm sooo sorry I haven't been writting for over 2 weeks now! I just started school and I've been really busy!
But I wanted to talk about boots, winter is right on the corner and I've seen some amazing boots lately, so I thought I would share some cute ones with you!

Large image

I LOVE these boots from Steve Madden, I'm sure you've heard about them true youtube, Beautybaby44 has them as well as akaydoll and some other fantastic youtubers. You're totally in right now because of the studs. The only sad thing is that they're pretty expensive! They're 149,99€. Although they're good quality I think it's pretty pricey.

Tan (Stone ) Tan Studded Biker Boot | 256846818 | New Look
These beautiful ones are from New Look, and they're a lot cheaper than the Steve Madden boots. I love the color and the studded detailing on the back of the shoe, and they're only 44,95€!! :) What a bargain guys! :)

The last pair, are these gorgeous simple camel colored horse-riding boots from P.U.I.R.E.. You can wear these with any outfit, a dress, skinny jeans and even leggings!! they look very chique and classy! I want them sooo badly! But again they are expensive, 150€

Hope you enjoyed reading this!! :) please let me know what your favorite pair of boost is right now! :)

Thanks for reading <3

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Girly with an Edgy twist

Hi Guys

I'am so sorry for my lack of blogging lately, I've started school this week and I was very busy.
But I wanted to tell you about a HUGE and amazing trend this fall and winter.
I bet you've all seen the studded shirts, pants, shoes and even bras in stores lately!! So spikes are really in right now! But I wanted to talk about a lovely trend that includes the edgy things like studs but also have a very girly twist. For example you can pair a very sophisticated blouse with a leather skirt and some edgy motorboots! Or a top with a skull on with a pencil skirt and some high heels. The thing is you have to mix and match edgy and girly thing and put together the perfect outfit.

Please let me know, what are your toughts about this trend? Do you love it, or absolutely hate it?

First pictures: * doesn't belong to me, found it on google ;) *
Second picture: Asos

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, August 27, 2012

OOTD August 27

(Dress Zara 49,95€, Belt came with another dress, Shoes Zara old, Bracelet H&m old, Earings Six 4,95€
Clutch Zara 29,95)

Friday, August 24, 2012

OOTD august 24

(Blouse H&M 9,95€, Short EDC, Belt trift store, Shoes local boutique, Ring & Earings SIX,
clutch Zara 29,95€)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Designer Bag Wishlist

Hey Guys!

I'm a HUGE bag lover, and I absolutely adore Designer bags, so I thought I could do a "Designer bag wish list" for you today! These are all bags that I want to have in my collection one day. I know Designer bags are pretty expensive, but they will last you forever.
So lets jump right into it:
In no particular order
1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Damier Ebene (500 Eur)

2. Mulberry Alexa in Chocolate soft buffalo (990 Eur)

3. Marc Jacobs Carmine (pink or black) (1,195$)

4. Michael michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote (378$)

Those are the four gorgeous bags that I'm crazy in love with and want to add to my handbag collection.
PS: I don't own any Designer bags on this moment. But maybe when It's my 18th Birthday(march 27)  I can buy one ^^.

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall fashion trend 2012

Hey Guys!
I've seen a lot of shirts with detailed collars in stores lately.  I think they are absolutely beautiful! They can spice up your whole outfit and make it look more fashionable and put together. Ofcourse they're perfect for a cute back to school outfit and they're definitely going to be a fall fashion trend!
Here are some gorgeous examples: 


A: necessary clothing, 37,99$
B: necessary clothing, 31,99$
C: necessary clothing, 34,99$
D: Zara, 69,95€
E: Zara, 39,95€
F: Zara, 39,95€

Thanks for reading! <3