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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainbow print explosion

 Skirt: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Green Blazer: Zara
 Cross body bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Random boutique
Black strap Heels: Zara (in store)
Cat came to say hello ...
And did an ootd pose with me! She's wearing a nice fur vest from the local cat boutique.

~Thanks Daddy the photographer~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pink Teardrop

 Blazer: Stradivarius
Pink/cream Top: Zara (Click Here)
 Pink/blue zigzag pants: Forever 21
 Pink Teardrop necklace: Forever 21 
 Old-school looking sunglasses: Topshop
Camel coloured Moccasin: River Woods

~Thank you daddy the photographer ~

Friday, April 25, 2014

Little Black Book By Sofie Valkiers aka Fashionata

Hey Guys,

First a disclaimer, this is about a fashion book written in Dutch, so I guess this post probably won't be interesting for you if you don't understand a word of Dutch.

'Little Black Book' is written by the well known fashion lover and blogger Sofie Valkiers (Fashionata). In the book she gives us a peek into the fashion world, talks about the ins and outs of it and helps us dress up any outfit. Some makeup tips from international models will get us true the beauty part.

It's every girls life motto, 'I've nothing to wear' , but the beloved fashion blogster helps us to create beautiful outifts for chic occasions and even for the 'off' days. She tells us which staples every girl should have in her closet and writes about cool and unique boutiques all over the world.

A dream book for every Dutch fashion lover to add to our collection.
Click here to go to her blog
Click here to buy the book

I'll definitely go ahead and buy this book! A book staple on evey dutch fashion addicts bookshelf.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Glam Zara-mania

 Heels: Zara
Top: Zara (in store)
Pants: Zara (in store)
Baby Pink Coat: Zara
Hanbag: Mulberry Bayswater satchel

~ thanks daddy the photographer ~

Monday, April 21, 2014

Raw Food apple pie recipe

Hey Guys,

My sister is very into eating raw, I on the other hand love all the unhealthy foods. She recently made a raw apple pie and let me try some, and dear god, I never thought I would say this in life, but it's way better than those crisps, cookies and candy! A big plus: It's very healthy and only takes 30minutes to make. If you want to try it out, here's the recipe. Before you go and buy all the ingredients, you will need a blender!

What do you need?
  • 3 Apples
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Lemon
  • Cinnamon poudre
  • Medjool dates
  • roasted cashew nuts
  • a blender
First, you put a little more than half of the bag cashew nuts in the blender and blend them,then you start adding the dates without the pit! First add a few, then blend and keep adding until the mixture is 'creamy'. Next up, take small bowls (2 to 4) and put the mixture to the edges and bottom of your bowls.
After you've done that, take two peeled apples and half an orange and start cutting them in little pieces. Put them in the blender and you'll get a mixture that looks like applesauce, then add some cinnamon.
Put it in the bowl.
Next up, take a small glass and put some lemon and orange juice in it, with a hence of cinnamon.
 Take the third apple and cut half of it in slices, put the slices on top of your apple pie. Then put the juice on the apple slices, this will make sure your apples don't turn brown while it's in the fridge.
Last but not least, top it off with some cinnamon and ready you are! You've just created a delicious and healthy dessert within 30 minitues! Let it rest in the fridge for around 30 minutes and then serve all the deliciousness to your guests or to yourself, and most important, enjoy!

~ A special thankyou to my sister who made this recipe with 100% love ~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fluffy Pink Tartan

Baby Pink Coat: Zara
Tartan blouse: Bershka
 Shoes: Mum's oldschool closet
Asos Peg trousers: Asos €25,28 (click here)
Nailpolish: Essie, Where's my chauffeur
PS: If you're planning to buy the trousers, I would recommend going down a size.
~ a special thank you to my daddy the photographer ~

Monday, April 14, 2014

Haultime | New In my closet

Hey Guys,

Let's admit, all girls love shopping! Some more than the other, and I'm probably part of the 'more' group. But let's face it, we girls help the economy. We're happy with our new clothes and the economy is happy with the money, the only one that isn't happy here is my bankaccount, but oh well he'll get over it.

Here are some bits and bobs I picked up on my shopping trip today and things I ordered online.
The black peg trousers are from Asos. I ordered them in a 10 which normally fits perfectly, but hell no, these were extremely big on my waist. Luckily I know how to work with a sewing machine and I tailored them myself. I can image wearing these with a cute blouse tucked in, a stylish blazer on top and some gorgeous heels. btw, they feel like you're wearing pj-pants, sooo freaking comfy and they were pretty cheap too: €25,28, If you want to buy them, click here

I got the white/blue pants today because I'm sick of wearing jeans all the time. For more than two years straight I had a creazy jeans obsession and wore them everyday! So it was time to change things up and I bought these more 'sophisticated' trousers, which btw make your bum look AMAZING! These were €39,95 and i got them in Zara.

This is how the fabric and colour looks like upclose.
Yes I know, I already have the white top in dusty rose but hey, if you love it, you better get it in all the colours right? This white blouse is so timeless and chic. You can pair it with so many different things and make everything look more put together. I personally think a white blouse should be a staple in every womens closet. (€29,95 from Zara)

This gorgeous kinda peplum blouse I got from my fellow 'sex and the city' girls for my Birthday. I absolutely love it, it's a bit different and 'unique' so not to everybody's taste. But I adore it! This top would look gorgeous with a dark blue jeans with rolled up pant legs and gorgeous sandal heels or boat loafers. (€29,95 from Zara)

Here's what the back looks like. As you can see the right blouse has an open back, but bra lovers don't you worry, it just stops where your bra strap is, so no bra peeking out.

Last but definitely not least is this bright pink/coral skirt from Asos. Perfect for the warmer weather, and soo gorgeous! I absolutely love the brightness of it. It's very 'in your face' but also girly and still elegant. Imagine this with a flowy white blouse tucked into it, a statement necklace and some nice ballerina flats for the day or high heels for the night. Perfect for an amazing summer day. If this stunning skirt is screaming your name click here, I payed €50,57.

Love you all <3

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

10 Spring / Summer Beauty essentials

Hey Guys,

Winter is over, it's time to go outside, and enjoy the nice weather but spring means also a new makeup and skincare routine! So here are 10 beauty items everyone needs in spring/summer.

1. Pink Blush
In winter lot's of girls choose 'darker' blushes, but now it's time to pop. Get those pink blushes out and SHINE.

2. Bronze Godess eyes.
In spring and especially in summer you want to look like a Greek bronze godess that just descended from the Olympus mountain. Nothing better than a gold shimmery eyelook to get that feel.
Mine -> Essence bronze eyeshadow and the 88 shimmer palette

3. Bronzer
Winter makes everyone paler than pale. To obtain that bronze godess look eyeshadow isn't enough! Put some bronzer on the temples of your face, hollows of your cheeks and under the jawline. You'll instantly look tanner AND slimmer! What a plus, isn't it?
Mine -> Essence bronzer in 'blondes'.

4. Colourful and moisturizing lippies
The sun dries your skin and lips out, so it's better to use a moisturizing lipproduct that'll keep your lips soft and kissable.
Mine -> Babylips
         -> Bourjois Colour boost lip crayons
         -> Clinique Lipcrayon

5. Body Lotion
If you go on holidays please don't forget body lotion, it'll keep your skin soft and shiny like never before. If you have little bumps all over your legs or even your bum (very little tiny bumps) you'll get those away by moisturizing everyday, so it's important to give your skin some juice, and their favorite juice is body lotion.
Mine -> Nivea body lotion 

6. Face juice with SPF
Not only your body but also your face loves some good moisturizer. But since the sun came out, it also needs protection. If you use a daycream with SPF your face is protected for a while, but I do recommend to use a special face sunscreen throughout the day to protect it even more!
Mine -> Rituals Sensitive Day Cream

7. Foot Cream
Winter is gone, boots are back in the boxes and sandals are the way to go. But sometimes your feet can look quite dry and 'jakkie' since they haven't seen daylight in ages. Use a special foot cream to get them gorgeous again in no time.
Mine -> Soap and Glory Heels Genius

8. Delicious summer-y perfume
It's time to put the warmer, vanilla, musk scents away and get those fruity, flower-y scent out. Let's smell like summer!
Wanna smell like a strawberry? -> OH LOLA! from Marc Jacobs is the way to go

9. Primer for the eyes.
Since it's time to put some shimmery gold-bronze eyeshadow on you'll probably need eye primer. Summertime is sweat time and sweat time is bye bye eyeshadow. For those who want their eyelook to last all day better use a primer first. (This doesn't mean you'll make it waterproof though!)
Mine -> Urban Decay Primer Potion

10. Fun nail colours
And last but not least, fun nail colours! They are an essential to brighten up your day and will make everything look more BOOM. So bye bye boring reds, blacks, dark purples and hello, pastels, pinks, oranges ...
Mine -> Essie Madison Ave-hue, Brazilliant, Where's my chauffeur? and tart deco
And of course the obvious one: Don't forget SUNSCREEN to protect you from all the bad stuff.
Thank you so much for reading, Hope you enjoyed. What are your essentials?

PS: I'll post a 10 Spring/Summer Fashion essentials soon!