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Friday, December 27, 2013

A naughty Boxing Day purchase

Hey Guys,

You may or may not know I've been saving quite a few months now for a Mulberry bag. Mulberry is one of my favorite designers and I fell in love with the small bayswater satchel. So I started saving up for it at the end of August. Since I work in the weekends I could save a good amount every month. I've booked a trip to London so I told myself I could buy the bag when I was there. BUT, on boxing day (yesterday) I was just browsing on twitter and saw a tweet from Sarah Sandiford (citygirlsfashionbox) asking if anyone of us had picked something up from the Mulberry sale. So I went to the online site, convinced my bag wasn't on sale since it's a classic bag and a color that returns every year. But clearly I was wrong! The bag was (still is) on sale!!! You even can't imagine how happy I was, I literally jumped up and down screaming. I ordered it immediately and now I'm waiting full of excitement for it to arrive.

This is the bag
pictures from the official Mulberry Site

Isn't she a beauty!
As soon as this bag arrives I'll do a post showing you how they wrapped everything and how it looks like. #ExcitementOverload

Monday, December 23, 2013

Life Update #1 Finals, Fur Coat, Christmas presents

Hey Guys

Let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged for about a month (shame on me). I'm so busy with school, as you may or may not know I'm in college now and I'm studying fashion technology. We had to make 6 skirts this semester and I can proudly say I made it true. But the most important thing has yet to come, FINALS. So, here in Belgium we've around two weeks just to study for our exams and then we all start in the beginning of January until the end. Let's just say I'm not too happy that I've to study on Christmas and New Years. But If I'm totally honest, I'm not planning do study the whole night! Now that we got that not so pleasant news out of the way let's talk some fashion and fun shall we? The first of January the sales start and oh my god I'm way too excited for them to come along! I told myself I could only visit one store since 1. I'm saving for my Mulberry and 2. I'm in the middel of my finals. And can you all guess what store? Zara of course, I've fallen back in love! They are so trendy and sooo absolutely gorgeous! I'm eyeing one specific thing, the beautiful fur coat and I'm so scared they will be sold out in my store. The problem is, They're already sold out my size online, and two days ago I went to the store and they had only one left in my size. Maybe I should of gotten it there and then, but wouldn't it be crazy if I paid full prize for something that may be half off the week after? So let's wait with the chance he's sold out, and if it is, I will totally kill myself.

Here is that gorgeous and ooh so cosy looking coat.
Isn't it a beauty? I know, some people might think this coat looks like something a hooker would wear but hey, it's not about what people think but it's about what you like, what you want to wear! Don't ever let the tought of 'what will other people think of me' stop you from buying anything. If you like it than just buy it!

With that being said, let's talk about some more fun! Christmas night is tomorrow and I'm way too excited. I can't wait to open my presents and see the faces when my family opens mine, I love that feeling of happiness because you gave something to another and they absolutely love it, it's the best feeling in the world!

So here is a sneak peak of what I got my family for Christmas
I bought my mom a beautiful babypink scarf from Zara. My sister said she really liked this heart necklace pendant so I got it for her from a local store. My dad wished for a new electronic toothbrush so I made his wish come true. And oops yes I got something for myself. I was eyeing this beautiful necklace from Zara for months but I couldn't justify spending so much money but since it's Christmas I just bought it as a little treat for myself. If you would like me to do a 'what I got for Christmas' post just ask.

I hope you guys liked this update, merry christmas and have an amazing day full of love!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

End of October Haul

Hey Guys,

I did a little bit of shopping so I thought I would do a haul, I love shopping but I need to control myself and stop buying things because I'm actually saving for a Mulberry bag, and as you all know, They're crazy expensive.

Ik heb wat geshopt dus ik doe eventjes een shoplog. Ik hou ervan om te gaan shoppen maar ik moet mezelf tegenhouden want ik ben aan het sparen voor een Mulberry handtas, en zoals sommigen onder jullie misschien weten, deze tassen zijn super duur!

Jumper: Vero Moda €12
 Scarf: Pimkie €14,99
Batiste Dry Shampoo: €4,39 (each)
Body Shop All in BB cream: €13
Essence Nailpolish: €1,69
Hope you guys enjoyed it, Winter is coming and everyone is preparing himself, buying coats, hats, dark lipsticks, scarves. I love shopping for winter stuff because all the clothes are so cosy and warm! What's you're favorite part of Autumn/Winter?

Hopelijk vonden jullie dit leuk! Winter is in aankomst en iedereen bereid zich erop voor, warme jassen, mutsen, donkere lipstick, sjaals, ik hou ervan om winter kleren te kopen omdat ze allemaal zo warm en cosy zijn! Wat is jou favoriete deel van Herfst/Winter?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Coat | Two Pairs of boots

Hey Guys,

As you all know winter is right around the corner and that means thick winter coats and beautiful boots. I've picked out some of my favorite jackets and paired them with two pairs of boots. I'm both a huge coat and boots lover so this blogpost was a lot of fun making!

Zoals jullie allemaal al weten sluipt winter stilaan dichterbij en dit betekend dikke mantels en prachtige botten. Ik heb een paar van mijn favoriete mantels uitgekozen en deze met 2 paar schoenen gecombineerd. Zowel botten als mantels zijn een obsessie van mij dus een blogpost hierover maken was echt fun.

Which one of these three is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Welke van deze drie is jou favoriet? Laat het me weten.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Favorites | Beauty & Body

Hey Guys,

I really loved some products this month so I thought I would share them with you! I've only done a monthly favorites post onces, so maybe it's time to start doing them more often!

Ik heb een paar fantastische producten (her)ontdekt deze maand dus wat kan ik beter doen dan het met jullie delen! Ik heb maar een keer een maandelijkse favorieten artikel gedaan, dus het wordt stilaan tijd er meer te doen!

I've been using the Too Faced 'Naked Eye' palette a lot lately. It's perfect for everyday use, beautiful colours and they have a good pigmentation.

Ik gebruik de Too Faced 'Naked Eye' pallet echt veel de laatste tijd! Hij is perfect voor elke dag, super mooie kleuren en de pigmentatie is ook erg goed!
This picture is from an online site, because by the time I realised I hadn't taken any pictures of the inside it was already dark outside! This is the site where I got it from.

De foto is van een online site want wanneer ik mij realiseerde dat ik geen fotos van de binnenkant had was het al donker buiten! Hier is de site waar ik de foto van heb.
These two hair products are amazing! They're both from Ultra Doux, the shampoo is from the 'clay and cedar lemon' collection and the conditioner is from the 'five plantes' collection. They both make your hair smell fantastic and it feels so light.

Deze twee haar producten zijn fenomenaal! Beide zijn ze van Ultra Doux, de shampoo is van de 'klei en cedercitroen' lijn en de conditioner is van de '5 planten' lijn. Je haar ruikt hemels na het wassen met deze producten, ook voelt je haar heerlijk licht aan.

We all have those days that we would rather sleep a bit more than get up and wash our hair. I certainly do and Batiste seriously is a life saver, it makes your hair look like it's freshly washed and this blush scent makes your hair smell heavenly!

We hebben allemaal zo van die dagen dat wie liever wat langer slapen dan op te staan en ons haar te wassen. Ik heb zeker zo van die dagen en Batiste is dan mijn reddende engel. Het zorgt ervoor dat je haar er vers gewassen uitziet en de blush geur doet je haar fantastisch ruiken!

I love everything Vanilla; candles, perfumes, ice cream etc. This Vanilla perfume from the Body Shop is amazing! They have changed the bottle a bit, it's now part of the body care line, so it's the same as the body butters and washes but the scent has stayed exactly the same. This scent stays on you for the whole day and It's pretty cheap as well, only €16, what a bargain.

Ik hou van alles Vanille; kaarsen, parfum, ijsjes enz. Deze Vanille parfum van de Body Shop is fantastisch! Ze hebben het flesje wat veranderd, nu maakt hij deel uit van de body care line, dus hij is hetzelfde als de body butters en gels maar de geur is hetzelfde gebleven. Dit geurtje blijft de hele dag rond je hangen en hij is nog super goedkoop ook! Maar €16, wat een koopje.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Style | Home sweet home

Hey Guys,

Today I was making a list with all the blogposts I wanted to do and I was thinking about starting a new series. I'm so excited about this, it's called 'My Style'. Every 'My Style' post will be a complete outfit that I would absolutely love to wear. Every item will be available online so you can easily shop them. Today's My Style post is all about the comfy clothes, a lazy day at home, just chilling in bed watching some videos.

Vandaag was ik een lijstje aan het maken met al de artikels die ik wil schrijven en ik kwam op het idee een nieuwe serie te starten genaamd 'My Style'. In elke my style post zal ik jullie een volledige outfit tonen die ik super graag zou dragen. Elk item zal ook beschikbaar zijn online zodat je ze makkelijk kan kopen als je ze wil! Vandaag gaat de My Style post over rustig luieren in huis, in je comfy kleren naar filmpjes kijken.

Blanket: Amazon
Sweatshirt: New Look €22,99
Pants: H&M €9,99
Robe: Topshop €42
Slippers: New Look €13,99

Don't you just love those lazy days, wearing comfy clothes, doing nothing very special, watching movies whilst sipping on your hot chocolate or thea. Well I do, certainly now Winter is coming, this is what I would wear to keep me warm and comfy all day.

Hou je ook niet van die luie dagen, comfy kleren dragen, niets speciaals doen, filmpjes kijken en terwijl van je warme chocomelk of thee drinken. Ik ben echt verzot op zo'n dagen! Zeker nu de winter stilletjes aan zijn intrede doet. Dit is wat ik zou dragen om lekker warm en comfy te zijn!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beauty vs Brains Tag Part two

Hey Guys,

So today I'm doing the second half of the Beauty vs Brains tag, if you want to read the first part, click here.

Vandaag zal ik het tweede deel van de Beauty vs Brains tag doen, als je het eerste deeltje wilt zien, klik hier

8. Favorite celebrity with a brain. / Favoriete celeb met een brain.
This is a hard one, how do I know they actually have a brain? You never know right :p I really like Emma Watson.

Moeilijke vraag, hoe weet je als ze wel een brain hebben? Hmm Emma Watson vind ik wel fantastisch.

9. What is your 'nerdy little secret' / Wat is jou nerdy geheim.
Well, I'm intrigued by the second world war, I don't know what it is but It's so interesting, I love seeing documents about it, or victims who are speaking about their experience, I want to see every movie. If we talked about it in History I was the first to listen.

Wel, ik ben bezeten door de tweede wereld oorlog, ik bekijk bijna elke documentaire, getuigenissen, films. Tijdens de geschiedenis les was ik ook de eerste die aandachtig was.

10. Beauty gurus who you admire for more then their love for fashion/beauty.
Beauty gurus die je bewondert meer dan alleen omdat ze van mode en makeup houden.
I love Fleur De Force, her personality is just amazing and she's smart too!

Fleur De Force is zeker een van mijn favorieten! Haar persoonlijkheid is fantastisch en ze is slim ook!

11. If your blog couldn't be focused on fashion/beauty, what would the focus be?
Als je blog niet op make-up of mode gebaseerd mocht zijn, waarover zou je dan schrijven?
I have no idea, Maybe about London, or just the world in general. About my trips to france and Italy and London, I'm writing these posts right now on my blog but the focus isn't fashion so that counts right?

Geen idee, misschien over Londen, of over heel de wereld. Ik zou misschien het liefst schrijven over de reizen die ik gemaakt heb. Dat doe ik nu ook al maar dat gaat niet over mode of make-up dus dat telt toch?

12. Name some things you're obsessed with, others might find strange.
Noem een paar dingen waardoor je geobsedeerd bent dat anderen misschien raar vinden.
I'm obsessed with the Titanic, food, a special holiday they only celebrate in Belgium and the Netherlands called Santa-Claus, no it's not the man from Christmas, it's another one we call it 'Sinterklaas' and on 6 December he brings presents for all the children. Although I'm 18 years old, I absolutely love it! (he's the one in the middle on the picture, of course he's not real)

Ik ben geobsedeerd door de Titanic, eten en door Sinterklaas! Ik ben misschien 18 maar op 6 december zet ik mijn schoentje!

13. Name 5 people who inspire you (no friends and family) 
Noem 5 personen die je inspireren (geen vrienden of familie).
  • BeautyBaby44
  • Fleur De Force
  • DulceCandy87
  • The girls from Pretty Little Liars
  • Tanya Burr

14 Who is your intellectual soulmate?
Wie is jouw intellectuele soulmate?

I don't really have one I believe.

Die heb ik niet echt geloof ik.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Autumn/Winter Additions to my wardrobe

Hey Guys,

I know, I was on a spending ban but obviously I've failed since I'm doing a haul today. It all started with a gorgeous winter jacket from Bershka and then a scarve and then some gloves and .... you probably know what's coming. It's starting to get colder here so getting a new parka was a necessity (although I've already 4 winter jackets) oops, oh well as a girl you've never enough jackets. I want to let you know I've stopped doing my monthly hauls because sometimes the things I got in the beginning of the month already are sold out at the end. I want to give you all the chance to buy the things you like yourselves, that's why I'm doing hauls after I actually bought something instead of doing them every month.

Ik weet het, ik was op een spending ban maar ik heb duidelijk gefaald aangezien ik een haul doe voor jullie. Het begon allemaal met een prachtige parka van Bershka, en daarna een sjaal en daarna handschoenen en dan .... je snapt het waarschijnlijk wel. Het wordt kouder en kouder dus een nieuwe winterjas was echt noodzakelijk (al heb ik er eigenlijk 4 in m'n kast hangen) oeps, achja als meisje heb je nooit genoeg kleren, toch? Ik ben gestopt met mijn maandelijkse hauls omdat de dingen die ik in het begin van de maand koop soms al uitverkocht zijn op het einde, en ik wil jullie allemaal de kans geven de items te kopen die je mooi vindt.

Fur Vest: Bershka €29,95
Parka: Bershka €99,95
Scarf: H&M €9,95
Gloves: Action €0,85
Lipstick: Body Shop €12

This wasn't a huge haul since I'm saving for my Mulberry Bayswater satchel and that's freaking expensive, so I can't buy a lot of other things!

Deze haul was niet echt groot omdat ik aan het sparen ben voor een Mulberry Bayswater satchel en die handtas is echt duur! Dus ik mag niet veel andere dingen kopen.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Le Touquet Wonderland

Hey Guys,

I've been to Le Touquet (France) a while ago but I still wanted to show you some pictures of my trip! It was amazing, the city itself is beautiful, nearby the beach. I went with 3 amazing girls, they're very good friends and it's a memory that will last a life time.

Een eindje geleden ben ik naar Le Touquet (Frankrijk) geweest, en ik wou nog even de foto's met jullie delen. De trip was echt fantastisch, de stad is bij de zee, en met 3 goeie vriendinnen is zo'n reis onvergetelijk!

Every Monday and Thursday there's a market, I would highly recommend going because I bought some amazing cardigans there! 

Elke maandag en donderdag is er een marktje, zeker gaan want ik heb er 2 fantastische cardigans gekocht!