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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goodmorning Sunshine | My Yellow World

Hey Guys,

I've seen a lot of yellow in stores lately, I absolutely love the neon yellow colours! It reminds me of sunny vacation days, laying at the pool, enjoying life, and what's better than that? Sadly I've blonde hair and I personally think it can be a bit too much sometimes. But still, I wanted to give you that 'sunny vacation' feelin' by doing a blogpost of my favorite yellow items in store right now.

Neon Yellow Lace Dress: Asos €77,25
Yellow flower headband: Asos €25,28
Yellow Sandals: Asos €42,14
Tartan T-shirt: Boohoo €24
Yellow Lace Skort: Boohoo €22
Rebecca Minkoff mini mac: €147
Yellow Skirt (take a look at my previous post to see how I style it) River Island €40

What's your favorite item and what do you guys think of the yellow colours everywhere, are you going to wear it this summer? Let me know.

~ Thank you so much for reading ~


Monday, February 24, 2014

My Spring Wishlist | Asos, Zara, Miss Selfridge and more

Hey Guys,

Weird enough we haven't had a strong winter, there hasn't' been any snow or degrees Celsius under zero, I have to admit that I'm very happy with that! I hate having cold, but this year I've never felt freezing. The sad thing about it is that I can't wear my warm cardigans or coats, cause I would be sweating my ass off! Today the sun was shining and I really had a spring feeling! It made me so happy, like the sun always does to me. It made me excited about spring so it's the perfect moment to do a Spring Wishlist!
Here are some goodies I would love to have:

 Pastel Blue coat: Miss Selfridge on sale for €76 now!
Mulberry Lily in Queen Green soft grain leather €975
Blue Dress: Asos, on sale now for €49,16
Plissé Skirt: Zara €39,95
Blue Heels: Zara €39,95
Necklace: Forever 21 €12,90
Neon Coral Dress: Asos €49,16
Beige Coat: Zara €99,95
Mulberry Dome Rivet Continental Wallet: €375
Nude Heels: Zara €59,95

If I get one of these things I'm sure you'll see them in a haul! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My London Story, Day one and two

Hey Guys,

as you probably all know I've been to London about two weeks ago. I had a fantastic time with my friend Laura, shopping, visiting and eating of course. I'll tell you all about our trip in this post, where we went, what we ate etc. So let's get started.

First Day / Feb 3th

So we had to get up really early (4am) to catch our train from Bruges to Brussels, since the Eurostar departs from Brussels. Once we arrived in London we took the underground to Victoria Station to get to our hotel. We booked three nights in the Sherrif hotel on warwick way, which is sooo close to Victoria station. We chekced in, of course the room was only available from 2pm but we could leave our luggage behind the desk. It was around 10am when we left the hotel for Camden Market, we walked around, shopped a bit and than had a delicious 'lunch' at a chinese (I think it is chinese) stand. Their food is just incredible! I've eaten there twice now and every time I've a slight food orgasm! I'll have to admit the food looks like crap, but really it tastes like heaven!

After Camden we went to see the tower bridge, stupid me thought for a split second it was called the London bridge so we ended up on there, luckily we could see the tower bridge, and take some pictures of it.
 After that we went back to our hotel to officially check in and get our room. The room was not in the main hotel but in a building close to it. The room was pretty small but clean, the bathroom was also very tiny but chic and modern. After unpacking we headed to Nothing Hill. I heared a lot of good things about that area but personally I don't really think it's that amazing. Maybe it's because the market wasn't there or maybe we just went to the wrong streets but anyways we went back to victoria station fairly quickly. Around that time it was 5 o'clock and we were pretty hungry, so we went on the hunt for a restaurant. We ended up eating in Shakespeare, a little restaurant attached to a pub. I ordered the Big Ben Burger which was just AMAZING, really if you're ever in the area of the victoria station look for the Shakespeare and order a Big Ben Burger, it's heaven on earth!
After having that delicious meal we went back to our hotel because we were pretty exhausted and the next day would be shopping day so we needed a good night rest to have a lot of energy for the day after.

Day Two / Feb 4th

The fire alarm of the hotel went off around 7 am, a great start of the day I would say, we decided not to get back in bed but just take a shower, watch tv and go get breakfast in the main hotel building. Around 9:30 am we took the subway to bond street, we went straight to Primark and walked around in there for almost two hours! The Primark on Oxford Street is just ma-hu-ssive! Of course me and my friend Laura got some things and than left for Selfridges. We ate pinkberry frozen yoghurt for lunch and added a mini Lola's cupcake as dessert.

After that we did some more shopping in the Oxford Street, we went to River Island, Forever 21, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Aldo, Schuh, Victoria Secret (of course) etc. And yes we did some serious damage! Here's my Haul. We started to get hungry, luckily I knew a good restaurant from my previous trip to London. We went to Bella Italia, and had an amazing meal!
Our bellies were filled so we had enough strength to do some more shopping, we went to Liberty which is a gorgeous department store near to Carnaby street, sadly we didn't have enough time to go to Carnaby street since the tube strike was going to start around 9pm. So we took the subway back to Victoria. I have to admit, my arms were hurting sooo bad from all the shopping bags, that I was glad to finally drop them on my bed when we arrived in our hotelroom. Me and my friend unpacked all the things we bought, cause it always feels like Christmas when you went shopping and forgot about the things you've bought. After that we called it a day and went to sleep.

To be Continued: Day Three and Four
* Pictures taken by my bestest friend Laura

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Style | Yellow River Island Skirt

Hey Guys,

Ever since I saw this gorgeous skirt in the River Island in Oxford street, I've been in love! Sadly I didn't buy the skirt just because I wasn't sure at the time if I was going to wear it. But clearly I've made a mistake leaving it in the shop. And what better can reduce the pain of not buying it than writing a blogpost about it.

Here you have two ways how I would style it.

A fun everyday, but still chic outfit. I love the yellow mixed with the bright orange which gives the outfit that little extra.
Skirt: River Island €40
Bralet: Topshop €20
Fur Coat: H&M €34.95
Shoes: Topshop RAMBLE €72
Bracelet: Forever 21 €5.90
Earrings: Forever 21 €5.90
Bag: Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium in grapefruit €1285

This is a very chic nighttime outfit I would wear to an event or date.

Skirt: River Island €40
Bralet: Topshop (couldn't find it online anymore)
Blazer: River Island €65
Shoes: Asos €62.51
Necklace: Forever 21 €8.90
Earring: Forever 21 €4.90
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater Satchel in Oak Natural €1000

I absolutely love these two style and would definitely wear them in summer time! They're both soo cute! What's your favorite one? I can't choose.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Cara Delevingne For Mulberry

Hey Guys,

London Fashion week is now four days in the running, an exciting time for all fashionista's out there. I was most looking forward to the Mulberry show, sadly two weeks before LFW I learned Mulberry was not going to do a catwalk show because their creative director Emma Hill resigned in september. As they want to find the perfect new designer they decided not to do a fashion show on the LFW. But, Mulberry did announce they had exciting news to share with the world. Yesterday the secret has gone world wide. The beloved topmodel Cara Delevingne from London has collaborated with Mulberry to design a handbag collection! They announced the news with a gorgeous show in which Cara shows the bags in 'the woods' accompanied by dogs and two (I have to admit) stunning men. I guess Mulberry has something with animals since they've shot the S/S 14 collection with a pony, dogs a pelican and even two cockatoos.

As a huge Mulberry fan I have to say they've hit the nail on the head ... again. Previous celebrities with whom they worked with are Lana Del Rey and Alexa Chung. Both the alexa as wel as the Del Rey bags are a huge succes and still in their collection now a days! The Alexa bag is even described as an IT-bag!

The collection is not in stores yet, but will be when the A/W collection comes out I guess, here you have a little sneak peek of the handbag collection.
Cara went old school designer backpacks again, let's see how people like carrying a stylish backpack instead of a sophisticated handbag. The bags look very different and young. They have an edgy/rocker feel to them but still look quite classy! I love the fact that Mulberry kept their well known putlock to close the bags, it gives them that little extra.
I can't deny both Mulberry and Cara have done an outstanding job! They sparked my curiosity and I will definitely take a look at the collection when it comes out.
Will you?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Zara City (Office) Bag

Hey Guys,

I guess most of you remember the huge hype around the Zara City Office bag, everyone was over the moon when that bag came out around a year ago, A big amount of blogposts were written about it because it was a very classic, large bag with a lot of compartements AND a patted case to put an ipad in or even a small laptop, some bloggers linked the bag to the well known Chanel executive or the Prada luggage. For the Zara City Office bag lovers, great news, I saw a new bag in store today that looks a lot alike. Only I think it's even cuter!! Can you even believe that?? On the site I could only find the blue and the red (which I think is the most beautiful colour!) but in store they also had the black and camel colour.
This is how it looks likes, it's a gorgeous looking leather (which is different than the previous city office bag because that one had saffiano leather) and a front compartment which the previous one didn't came with either.

The bag has top handles and also comes with a cross body strap which is amazing to use when it's heavy. Inside it has three compartments, two with a zipper, and one of them is padded so you can put your ipad or laptop in it. They even clame you can put a 15'' laptop in there, which might be right because my laptop is 25 x 38 and the exact size of the bag is 29 x 40 x 18cm. The middle compartment doesn't close with a zipper but with a clasp, so I would recommend putting your wallet in a zipped compartment just for your own savety. It's a very big bag, perfect to use for school or work

This is a picture of the middle compartement, as you can see you've two little pockets to put your phone or keys in. Behind the clasp where you can see the zipper is the padded part.
I love this bag, sadly I won't be purchasing it because I really don't need it. I think this version is a bit less sophisticated but more everyday and still chic. The bag reminds me of the leather bags teachers carry, quite old school looking I would say. For what you get this bag isn't very expensive, it's €69,95 which is, if I'm right, a bit more expensive than the first Zara city office bag. But in my opinion it's totally worth it.
PS they didn't name it the City Office Bag, but just the Citybag.

Will this bag be the next blogger hype? I already love it!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Update #5 Exam Results, Trip to London, Designer handbag talk

Hey Guys,

First of all let's just ignore the fact that I never did a Life Update #3 but jumped from #2 to #4. And this is Life Update #5. I like talking to you guys about my life, I see my blog as a kind of diary, but I personally also love reading life posts because I'm way too curious.

The first thing I wanted to update you on are my Exams, on the 11th of February I got my grades back, and OMG, I passed all of them! I'm so so happy that my exams turned out so great. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore.

Second Thing is my trip to London. I've been to London from the 3th till the 6th, it was amazing. I shopped a lot, and did some touristy things with my friend, but since I've already been to London six times I didn't really need to see a lot of touristy things. Me and my friend had an amazing stay! Sadly there was a tube strike the 5th and 6th but I was prepared for that so we did all the things that were on walkable distance. I'll do a full London post, with more info on the Hotel, the things we visited, food places and pictures soon. Here is my London Haul/ What I bought in London if you haven't already read that post.

Third is my Designer 'addiction', as you guys may know, I love designer items, but of course I can't afford it to buy a new designer item every month. I recently did a designer handbag wishlist, but some things have changed since I've been to London and got to see all of them in real life. I didn't really like the Alexander Wang in real life, it just didn't look as beautiful, so I decided not to buy that one and remove it from my wishlist. The bags that did look amazing in real life were the Mulberry Lily and the Céline trapeze, they are just wow, seriously guys! I also found out the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC is a bit too small for my liking, but the MAC is just perfect. I started really really liking the Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium bags, they are so fun in the bright yellow and orange but also gorgeous in black. Sadly they're all quite expensive bags.

Mulberry Lily
Céline Trapeze
Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium

Last but not least, I wanted to tell you that my classes started again, so there will be a chance I won't be posting as much posts as I did the past month, I will try my best though!

Hoped you guys liked this post, please let me know if you enjoyed it! And if you like these kind of posts.

Let's end with a quote:
~ Smile a little more, regret a little less ~

Monday, February 10, 2014

Huge London Haul 2014

Hey Guys,

As you may or may not know I've been to London last week. I absolutely love that city and I go there every year. Of course as a slight shopping addict I've bought a few things (A lot actually, but sshtt). I adore all the pieces I got, they are so different from what I usually buy but oh so gorgeous! I know I've spend a lot of money, but I did pay it all with my own money that I saved up from work. I'll try to link the site where you can get the clothing item, every link will appear in fat. Hope you enjoy this post!

These two jackets are seriously stunning! The left one is so sophisticated and chic whilst the right one is more daring, 'in your face' and very different. They are definitely not winter appropriate but hey, Spring is coming soon guys!
Left Pink Jacket: Primark £25
I love tops you can put on and give your outfit an instant 'oumpf', they just make your outfit complete. 
Left Pink floral top: Primark £8
I just had to have these pj pants! They are sooo me, I absolutely LOVE food, I'm a food addict so they're me in a pants! And they were ridiculously cheap! The pink cardigan is perfect winter material, actually I'm wearing it right now! It's soo soft.
Food PJ Pants: Primark £5
Pink Cardigan: Primark £14
Okay, I admit, maybe four necklaces is a bit over the top, but they just make an outfit stand out more! 
From top to bottom, left to right
Gold/orange one: Primark £4
Pink teardrop one: Forever 21 £9.90
Multi-Coloured beaded one: Forver 21 £7
Pink and Gold one: Primark £4
Pink Hairbrush: Primark £1
Of course I had to get some London related things, Primark is the perfect place for that! 
PJ's: Primark £5
London Socks: Primark £2
This is a gorgeous maxi skirt with a split on the left side (of the picture), it is see true, so they've put linning just until around 15 cm above the knee, the rest is quite see true but not too much. I just absolutely love it! Can't wait to wear it in summer time!
Black and White Maxi Skirt: Forver 21 £16.75
I love to wear leggings and I don't like the underwear lines showing true the legging so I bought some 'no show' underwear as well as 'seamless' underwear. They sit just perfect and feel soo comfortable.
Top 5 (you can only see 4): Victoria Secret seamless underwear, 5 for £20
Bottom 3: Victoria Secret 'no show' underwear, 3 for £27
Last but not least, this unique and stunning jumper and gorgeous pants! The Jumper is so cosy and warm and still very unique! I slightly regret not getting more prints. The pants are so light weight but still make your bum look perfect! 
Jumper: Camden Market £25
Trousers: Forver 21 £12

And that's all! I had such a nice time in London! I already miss it, I hope I'll go back soon.
Please feel free to comment or follow, it would mean a lot.
Thank you so much for reading.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfume Collection | Part two

Hey Guys,

This is part two of my perfume collection, I've a true perfume addiction, I just love all the cute bottles and amazing scents. So here it is:

This is a lovely vanilla scent from the bodyshop, it doesn't really need a lot of explenation since it's just vanilla. It's such a warm and sweet/deep scent! I wear it a lot these winter days. The 30ml is only €18!
The next one is the Burberry London Perfume, I don't wear it a lot but still love it. It's a very heavy and sophisticated scent if that makes sense. Here is a description. For a 50ml bottle you'll pay around $72.
This is the Lola Lempicka forbidden flower perfume which I wear a lot as an everyday perfume next to my vanilla bodyshop one. It's pretty heard to find it though, I saw it on ebay for around $46 for 100ml. Here's a description of how it smells like.
This is another Bodyshop perfume. It's called 'Love ETC'. It's really hard to describe this scent because it's very different, so here's a link that will explain exactly how it smells like. The price is around $40.90 for a bottle of 30ml.
The last perfume is a limited edition from Marc Jacobs, called 'eau so fresh sunshine'. It's an amazing summer perfume and I absolutely LOVE to wear it! The only downside about this one is it doesn't last for a long time. After already two hours the scent has faded away. But the bottle is absolutely stunning, isn't it? Here's a link to the description, you might be able to get it on Ebay.