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Monday, August 27, 2012

OOTD August 27

(Dress Zara 49,95€, Belt came with another dress, Shoes Zara old, Bracelet H&m old, Earings Six 4,95€
Clutch Zara 29,95)

Friday, August 24, 2012

OOTD august 24

(Blouse H&M 9,95€, Short EDC, Belt trift store, Shoes local boutique, Ring & Earings SIX,
clutch Zara 29,95€)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Designer Bag Wishlist

Hey Guys!

I'm a HUGE bag lover, and I absolutely adore Designer bags, so I thought I could do a "Designer bag wish list" for you today! These are all bags that I want to have in my collection one day. I know Designer bags are pretty expensive, but they will last you forever.
So lets jump right into it:
In no particular order
1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Damier Ebene (500 Eur)

2. Mulberry Alexa in Chocolate soft buffalo (990 Eur)

3. Marc Jacobs Carmine (pink or black) (1,195$)

4. Michael michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote (378$)

Those are the four gorgeous bags that I'm crazy in love with and want to add to my handbag collection.
PS: I don't own any Designer bags on this moment. But maybe when It's my 18th Birthday(march 27)  I can buy one ^^.

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall fashion trend 2012

Hey Guys!
I've seen a lot of shirts with detailed collars in stores lately.  I think they are absolutely beautiful! They can spice up your whole outfit and make it look more fashionable and put together. Ofcourse they're perfect for a cute back to school outfit and they're definitely going to be a fall fashion trend!
Here are some gorgeous examples: 


A: necessary clothing, 37,99$
B: necessary clothing, 31,99$
C: necessary clothing, 34,99$
D: Zara, 69,95€
E: Zara, 39,95€
F: Zara, 39,95€

Thanks for reading! <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

OPI: 'Bright lights-Big color

Hey Guys!

In my Paris haul I showed you  a lovely OPI nail polish called 'Bright lights- Big color, and I promised I would do a review, so here it is. When I first saw this color I immediatly had to think of the beach, I absolutely fell in love! It's a gorgeous coral color with gold sparkles in it, perfect for summer.

I applied two coats to my nails, but it wasn't perfectly opaque, so three coats are perfect. The nailpolish has an amazing formula, so no problems to apply, it goes on really well. The only downsight is the fact that it doesn't stays on very long, three to four days maybe, but still it's one of my favourite polishes right now! I'm wearing it ALL THE TIME!

I would highly recommend this polish, altough I think it was part of a limited edition collection.

Thanks for reading! <3

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paris Haul (Abercrombie&Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, OPI etc)

Hey Guys!!

I promised I'd do a haul. So here are some pictures of the things I bought while I was in Paris. It was a wonderful experience and I had a lot of fun! Paris is absolutely stunning!

The first store we visited was Abercrombie&Fitch on the Champs Élysées. We went around 10 o'clock in the morning, but still, there was a queue waiting to go in. After fiftheen minutes of waiting, we finally were aloud to go into the store. The shop itself is pretty dark inside, but it smells AMAZING. The people who work there are really friendly and try to help you all the time. When me and my friend Laura finally had seen the whole store (4 floors) and picked the clothes we wanted, we had to stand in ANOTHER line to try the clothes on, but oh well, it was worth all the waiting, the clothes are amazingly soft and sooo beautiful. I would definitely recommend to check the store out when you're in Paris.
Here are the clothes that I bought in A&F:

prices : first T-shirt was 34€, blouse 68€, long sleeved T-shirt 44€, sweater 78€.

After our visit to A&F we went to Sephora, where I fell in love with a nail polish from OPI called 'bright lights, big color'. I will do a full review on this nailpolish if you want?

 Price: around 13€

Then we went to Tommy Hilfiger. There was a sale going on, so I picked up a lovely cardigan for half off!!

Price: 64,50€

A few days later, on our way to galeries Lafayette, we saw a trendy store called Stradivarius. Sadly I had spend almost all of my money, so I couldn't go crazy in this store (which I really wanted). The only thing I bought was this gorgeous dark blue blazer.

Price: 35,95€

Thanks for Reading!! <3

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

create your own Longchamp tote

Hey Guys!

Here in Belgium, a classic Longchamp tote is very popular to use for school. They are like Uggs, almost every girl owns one. But because everyone has them I find it a bit unoriginal to buy one for the new school year, however, Longchamp came out with a new unique idea. You can create your own personal tote bag completely your taste on the online site.

First of all you have to choose between 6 sizes, then you get the possibility to choose between short handles (10cm) or long ones (25cm). In step 3 you have to decide which two color you like to most and which color of buckles you want (silver, bronze or gold). In the last step you can select if you want embroidery or initials on your bag. Et Voila, you've create your own lovely bag. Ofcourse the price tag isn't that lovely, When you want size five (perfect size for school) and the long handles without embroidery (+10€) or initials (+5€) it's 100€. But for those who want to spend the money and would love to have an original Longchamp tote, this is a very cool idea.

Thanks for reading! <3