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Friday, December 27, 2013

A naughty Boxing Day purchase

Hey Guys,

You may or may not know I've been saving quite a few months now for a Mulberry bag. Mulberry is one of my favorite designers and I fell in love with the small bayswater satchel. So I started saving up for it at the end of August. Since I work in the weekends I could save a good amount every month. I've booked a trip to London so I told myself I could buy the bag when I was there. BUT, on boxing day (yesterday) I was just browsing on twitter and saw a tweet from Sarah Sandiford (citygirlsfashionbox) asking if anyone of us had picked something up from the Mulberry sale. So I went to the online site, convinced my bag wasn't on sale since it's a classic bag and a color that returns every year. But clearly I was wrong! The bag was (still is) on sale!!! You even can't imagine how happy I was, I literally jumped up and down screaming. I ordered it immediately and now I'm waiting full of excitement for it to arrive.

This is the bag
pictures from the official Mulberry Site

Isn't she a beauty!
As soon as this bag arrives I'll do a post showing you how they wrapped everything and how it looks like. #ExcitementOverload


  1. Wow die is echt heel mooi? Je hebt geluk gehad denk ik want hij is al uitverkocht op de site! :D

  2. What a beautiful bag :-D

    Love, Christine♥