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Friday, June 6, 2014

Designer Handbag Wishlist #4

Hey Guys!

It's been a long time since I've done a designer related post so here it is! As you probably all know, I adore designer handbags. I've 3 in my collection right now, but when I've the money I'll definitely buy my new dream bag! Here's a little list of my 5 dreambags at this moment.

1. The Givenchy antigona in small is my absolute dreambag, don't get me wrong, every bag on this list is my dreambag, but if I could choose one in particular this is what it would be. I've been lusting after it ever since I saw it popping up in some youtube videos and saw the gorgeous pink version on Laura's blog (buynowbloglater). It's such a gorgeous bag and has the perfect size, I don't really like huge bags, because I don't carry lot's of stuff with me and the small size is still big enough to fit more than I need. (€1450)
Picture from alternationneeded

2. I already did a full blogpost on this gorgeous Louis Vuitton noé bb bag. It's such a cute 'casual' looking bag and it always makes me think of Paris. This would be the perfect traveling bag! Just in love with this one. (€790)
 found picture on NovaYork&Voce

3. Aaaah the Prada saffiano double zip tote, a longtime favorite of mine. It's such a classic bag, but this blue colour makes it a bit more fun looking. It's a bigger bag so perfect to go to work or a day when you need to carry lots of stuff. (€1600)

4. The Mulberry small willow, a beautiful bag from my absolute favorite designer brand. It's a classic English brand with beautiful quality products! I've already two Mulberry bags and this is def the next one I'll get from this brand. (€1680)
 Picture found on Mulberry

5. This Rebecca Minkoff mac bag has also been in every wishlist I've done. It's the perfect crossbody bag, not very expensive if you compare them to the other bags on my wishlist, but still I haven't got around buying it. First I wanted the mini mac, but I personally think it's a bit too small to fit my essentials in it, so I think the Mac would be a better choice since it's a bit bigger. (€220)
Picture from AdventureInFashion

Thank you so much for reading


  1. Ahhh the Prada Saffiano is sooo dreamy; I'll take one in every colour please!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. I know right? It's such a beautiufl classic bag! x