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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Youtube Guru's

Hey Guys!
A lot of my time, I'm watching make-up and fashion videos on youtube. They really inspire me and help me to create my own style. They've learned me to put my make-up on and to curl my hair with a straightener. Many girls and women are spending there time watching these videos. So I wanted to talk about my absolute favorite beauty and fashion guru's, of course my list is kind off unlimited but I will name the once I'm watching for a long time and still LOVE.
In no particular order:

  • FleurDeForce
  • missglamorazzi
  • meghanrosette
  • beautybaby44
  • meganheartsmakeup
  • akaydoll
  • pixi2woo
  • CheckInTheMirror
  • NikkiPhillippi 

So if you haven't checked those girls out, please DO, and if you've never watched any beauty or fashion video on youtube, certainly DO! I'm sure they will help you in some way.

Thanks for reading <3!

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