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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lovely Burgundy

Hey Guys!

Since it's getting colder and colder here in Belgium I have to pull my Winter clothes out of my closet already! Of course, I want to be trendy all the time, also in Winter! But sometimes it's pretty hard to look fashionable and have warm at the same time! That's why I try to work with colors most of the time. This Fall/Winter burgundy is a HUGE trend. You can see it in every corner in every shop. Zara and H&M have a lot of cute and affordable clothes in the beautiful burgundy color! I've bought a burgundy pants and jumper myself!

Even accessories and shoes are made in this beautiful color!

All of the clothes you've seen are from Zara. If you're looking for a beautiful piece in burgundy I would highly recommend to take a look there! But of course you can find them in every store right now!

Thanks for reading!! <3

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