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Friday, October 19, 2012

Scary Skull Scarfs!

Hey Guys

I know, again, I owe you an apology for my lack of blogging lately! I've been very busy with college. But while I'm working for school I still have a tiny bit of time to spot some trends for Fall and Winter. I've done some blogs about fashion trends for F/W already, but new trends keep on popping up! Skulls and crosses are really in right now. You see them everywhere, on T-shirt, jumpers even on pants! But the most popular item are SCARVES! of course almost everyone knows about the Alexander Mcqueen skull scarfs! A huge hype right now!
Here are some beautiful examples.

Aubergine/Ruby Silk Skull Scarf
This is the original, very pretty Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf with, sadly, a really spicy price tag! (295.00$)
Bordeaux/Black Skull Pashmina
This Amazing scarf is also an original Mcqueen one. And I'm not really thrilled to tell you this one is even more expensive than the burgundy one! (455.00$) Oh God!
luckily a lot of affordable brands are making their own skull scarfs now!
this one is a gorgeous black scarf from Zara, for only 19,95€.

Cream skull scarf
Dorothy Perkins (12€)

Pull and Bear also made a skull scarf, but this one is a little bit more different than the other skull scarves. Most are made out off a silky material, but this little baby is made out off a thicker material. And all that for only 19,99€.
Are you going to rock this trend, or do you prefer the floral or tribal prints?

Thanks for reading <3
Gill xoxo

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