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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Back To Basics | Wardrobe Staples

Basics are unthinkable in every womens closet. They make or break your outfit and can be used in so many different ways. For me a basic means something you can pair with almost everything you have and will be worn millions of times. Therefore these pieces need to be investments, good quality, so probably a bit more expensive, but they'll probably last you a life time (or at least a couple of years).

These are my staple pieces:
  • Beige Trenchcoat: I love the Burberry ones, sadly a bit out of my budget.
  • Nude Heels: I would highly recommend buying real leather ones, they are a lot more comfortable and won't give you smelly feet! They can be worn under a pair of jeans to give your outfit a bit more glamour, or on an evening out under a LBD. PS they give the illusion that your legs are longer, always a plus!
  • Perfect fitting dark Jeans: This one can be a cheat, I don't necessarily buy expensive ones, the most important thing with jeans is that they fit you like a glove.
  • White and Navy striped top: The clasic parisienne shirt, uber classic but so chique and feminine. Shops to look at: Asos, Zara, Jcrew, Reiss.
  • Leopard Flats: Again it might be better to buy good quality ones, the sam edelman felicia flats are amazing! Leopard might not seem basic to you but believe me, it is, this print goes with every colour and even looks perfect mixed with other prints.
  • Black Leather Jacket: One way to go: again, real leather, it's quite an investment, but it looks so much better and will last you for years to come, Zara has some in their collection right now for €159 which is a pretty good price for a real leather jacket, this piece gives every outfit a little more edge, a little more va-va-boom.
  • White and Navy Blazers: these will prevent the 'I've nothing to wear' or 'what do I wear on top' moments.White goes with everything, I repeat, everything! Navy on the other hand is the new black sooo, the way to go if you ask me.
  • White Blouse: Doesn't matter which fabric or cut, but a white blouse will always give your outfit a chique and classy factor and again, goes with everything.

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