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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's a little fashion haul

Hey Guys,

Exams have started yesterday but I managed to find a little time do this this little haul. I've bought quite a few thing online but sadly half of them will only arrive next week. I've been absolutely loving shopping online, the only tricky thing is deciding on the right size. It's always quite a guess but so far everything fitted me. So here are the fashion bits I picked up.

 I got this gorgeous very poofy mini skirt with black and white stripes from Asos on sale for €38,03. Note to tall people, it's very short for me and I'm only 163cm so if you're quite tall this is a warning. here's the link. 

This gorgeous midi-skirt is also from Asos and on sale as well for €42,25! The length is around 68cm so it's a true midi skirt. The skirt also comes in the Petite range so if you want it to be a bit shorter, you can buy it there.If you want to buy it, here's a link to asos.
Here you can see how it looks like on.
And last but not least, from River Island I got my new favorite pair of jeans/jeggings. They're called to molly jeggings and you can get them in all different kinds of wash. They're €35 wich is an absolute bargain for jeans that fit you like a glove! If you want to see how the jeans look on, click here.

I know this was a little haul, but I wanted to share my new items before the sale ends! So go enjoy it while you can.

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