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Monday, April 7, 2014

Current Love | Designer Handbags | Louis Vuitton Nöé bb

Hey Guys,

It's been a long time since I did my last designer handbag obsession post, but don't worry I still love designer stuff! In this post I wanted to talk about my current bag obsession! It's such a unique and classic bag, a bit old school but still very 'trendy'. This bag makes me think of a romantic trip to paris on a sunny day. Don't ask me why, it just does, maybe because it's Louis Vuitton? That's right it's the Louis Vuitton Nöé bb handbag.

This handbag is so different and unique but still has that classic look because of it's print. I'm normally not a fan of the Louis Vuitton monogram print but this time it makes the bag look even cuter!

The Nöé bb is the smallest one of the three, they also have the petite nöé and the regular nöé which is the largest size. The Nöé bb is the only size that comes with a long shoulder strap which makes it possible to carry the bag across your body. dimensions: 24 x 22 x 15, so if you're a person that doesn't carry tons of stuff this size will be perfect for you! And lucky for me, I'm such a person.

The Nöé bb is available in the monogram, damier azur and epi leather ( in Figue, Cyan, Mimosa, Piment and Fuchsia). They are all such stunning colours and prints but I prefer the monogram print.
Prices for the monogram and damier azur: €790 and for the epi leather bags: €1140.
The handbags in epi leather have an extra inside pocket which the ones in monogram and damier azur don't have. A pity actually since the handbag is a big 'bucket', so not the most organized thing in the world. Luckily the nöé bb is pretty 'small', so normally you'll be able to find little items like lipstick and your keys in no time.

                                                                 Picture from here

What fits in there? A lot if you ask me
I've watched a few youtube videos and saw you can fit a large wallet + a small wallet + an umbrella (same size as a small water bottle) + a small makeup bag + LV mini pochette + hand cream + sunglasses case. At that point the bag still has some romm to put other stuff in. Pretty amazing isn't it?

I'll probably have to save up a long time for this bag since I bought two Mulberry's not so long ago but oh well, that way I'll know if I still like it in a year or two.

What do you think about this bag? Are you in love, or don't you like it?

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