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Friday, April 4, 2014

A handbag without a zipper? | Not a problem anymore

Hey Guys

Don't you just hate it when you see an amazing handbag but than find out it doesn't have a zipper? I never would've boughten a bag without a zipper because your belongings aren't safe at all! People just have to put their hands in your bag and there goes your wallet.

Me and my friends were recently talking about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and how much we love the bag when I pointed out it doesn't have a zipper. My friend Elke aka Miranda came up with the greatest idea ever! Just use the dustbag they give you with your handbag. If you use the dustbag in your handbag all of your belongings are safe and it's still a part of the bag. It's a cute extra to use an LV dustbag in the neverful and the big plus is you don't have to worry someone will get into your bag. It's much harder for someone to open a dustbag than just easily go into your bag that's already open.

From now on I won't put a purse without a zipper back on the shelves. I passed on so many bags because they didn't have a zipper and now I found the perfect solutions! I can finally take a look at the Mulberry Willow or the LV Neverfull.

Picture from sheerluxe
 Picture from MeUnderTheRadar
So girls, from now on, don't be sad if the bag doesn't have a zipper, just get those dust bags out and rock it.

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