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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My new rose gold friends | Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

Hey Guys,

Sales started here in Belgium, and what else would a fashion lover do than check them out? I love paying a visit at stores that sell designer items because nothing is better than finding a designer bargain, right? And oh lord, I did! I've always been absolutely obsessed with the mouse flats from marc by marc jacobs but could never justify myself a pair till now. I walked into the store and there they were, staring at me, begging me to buy them. The one and only last pair, half off and in my size, can you believe this? I probably don't have to explain my excitement at that moment, and yes of course, I bought them, quickly before anyone else could. So here they are, my new rose gold friends;

Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach


    1. ooh thank you so much! :) I'll def take a look at your blog x