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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eat in London | Restaurants and other food places

Hey Guys,

I've been to London many times now, and everytime I find new amazing places to eat! So here are some restaurants you should definitely go to.

Bella Italia,
Since it's a chain restaurant you'll find it all over London. They have delicious pastas but the best thing I've tried are their bruschettas, these things taste like heaven! If you don't want to spend too much money and you like Italian food this is the place to be. For less than £15 You've eaten a main course + one drink. I know for sure they've one near Libery but here's a link to find every Bella Italia restaurant in London so you can choose the nearest one.

I would totally recommend this pub if you're craving a burger. Their burgers are just magnificent! I've ordered the Big Ben Burger twice and everytime I'm hungry I wish I was there eating it again! The Big Ben Burger is a burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, an omelette, tomatoes and lettuce. Just the best burger I've ever eaten in my life! They serve it with french fries, bbq sauce and crispy onions. I paid around £13 for the Burger + a Coke. You can find this pub on the corner of the Buckingham Palace road and Terminus Place (I guess that's how it's called) But it's just on the corner next to Victoria Station, so very easy to reach by the underground.

Camden Market
This is the place to be for food from all over the world! I've gone to the same stall twice and everytime I get a slight food orgasm, no lie!! It really looks like shit but damn it's freaking delicious. For only £5 you get a big bin with rice and noodles and all sorts of chicken!!

Pinkberry Frozen Yoghurt Selfridges
The Pinkberry frozen yoghurt in selfridges in better than heaven if you ask me! You can find it in the selfridges food hall ofcourse and I can tell you it's definitely worth going to. They've 4 to 5 different flavours and countless toppings. I would highly suggest taking the fruit as topping, since it's fresh and very tasty. After choosing the flavour and four toppings you can choose sauce. There's chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, honey (I think) and some more. The price is around £5 and soo worth it since it's healthier than ice cream but as delicious or even better!

Lola Cupcakes Selfridges
This is another place better than heaven in selfridges food hall! The cupcakes just look amazing and sure they are! You've sooo many that you'll stare at them forever wanting to eat them all! Sadly the budget and the belly wouldn't appreciate that, so at the end you'll have to choose. But I'm sure every choise is the best since they're all AMAZING! They're somewhat expensive though, but for what you get it's totally worth it!
( Don't worry, these are the small ones, you do have bigger ones and even HUGE ones!)

The Old Dutch Pancake house
This place was recommended to me by my friend lizzie who's also a blogger and lives in London. As the name suggests you can eat delicious pancakes with all sorts of toppings. You've sooo many options that again it's hard to choose. You've the regular pancakes, the butterscotch pancakes, gluten free ones etc. I've chosen the butterscotch wtih bananas, stawberries and chocolate sauce, you can imagine how that tasted like, yes, indeed, freaking amazing! I think we paid around £12 for this and a Coke. You've a restaurant on the King's Road, High Holborn and Kensington Church Street.

I hope this helped you people out! Enjoy the food and London of course.

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