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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

No more bad food | Are you in?

Hey Guys,

So my family and I decided to stop eating candy, crisps, chocolate and cookies for over a month. I know it's fast time right now, but it's actually kind of coincidence that we started together with the fasttime. Normally we stop eating 'bad' food before Chirstmas but this year we decided to do it after.
 So What are we going to do?

Were're not going to eat any 'bad' things mostly candy, chocolate, crisps and cookies. So bad things you eat between your meals. Instead you can eat fruit, healthy mueslibars, nuts etc.
I've also decided not to drink any soda, only water and fruit juice is allowed.
And I'll try not to eat junk food which will be pretty hard since I live in a dorm, so I won't be too strict on that one. But I really want to complete the first two 'resolutions'.
Me and my dad came to an agreement that we can stop for one week in between the 40 days. We did this because my parents are going on holiday and everyone eats bad on holiday AND because the 27th of march is my Birthday, and who wants to eat an apple on their Birthday? I'm sure I don't!

So If you want to do this, you can do it with us! We can talk and nag about how difficult it is, and jump from joy when we have the 'break' within the 40 days! So who's in? Let me know via twitter, facebook or the comment section if you think this is a great start for a healthier life and if you want to take part!! This starts today, but you can start tomorrow if you want too! And it end on Easter (20th of April)

I'll be so proud of myself and you guys if we can do this!  I love eating crisps, chocolate and cookies, so if I succeed not eating that for 40 days it will be a great accomplishment.


  1. I've been doing this January! Haven't lost a lb yet though....
    Good luck!!

    Oh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  2. This is amazing I am going to try doing this!!

  3. Gill, muesli bars aren't healthy, they contain looooooots of sugar, so does fruit juice, just sayin' :D

    1. haha, they are if you get them in organic shops :) And it's not really my intention to stop eating all the bad foods, it's just a test to see if I can get away with not eating crisps, chocolate, candy and cookies for around a month :)