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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

H&M Spring Wishlist

Hey Guys,

I personally think H&M is a hit or miss, sometimes you come out with lots of stuff and sometimes you can't find anything you like. I've been browsing around on their site and found some amazing stuff! These are the things that ended up on my wishlist

Gorgeous Scuba Skirt: €39,95
Top that matches the skirt: €34,95
Black and White midi skirt: €49,95
Batman oversized shirt: €12,95
Lightwash jeans: €19,95
Su├Ęde shoes: €69,95
Yellow Bag: €14,95
Sunglasses: €6,95

I do have to admit H&M gone up in prices, but for the quality you get I'm still willing to pay that price. Look at all those gorgeous pieces! They're just so on trend and cool!

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