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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My London Story | Day Three and Four

Hey Guys,

Here's part two of my London Story, click here if you want to read part one first. In part one I tell you all about my first two days, in this part I'll talk about my last 2 days, about the food we've aten, places we've visited and more!

Day Three | Feb 5

So on day three there was a tube strike, luckily I already knew that so I could prepare for it. After having breakfast in our hotel we left for King's road, with our umbrellas and street map ready. The first two days we had great weather with a bit of sun, but the third day was very windy and rainy, not the perfect circumstances to look on your map trying to find the way making sure it doesn't get blown away or rained on. King's road wasn't too far from our hotel (about a 15 min walk). We shopped a bit and experienced the wonderful world of Anthropologie! What a wonderful store and concept! Amazing smelling candles, beautiful clothes and stunning home decor in one store, what do you need more? Sadly we didn't take any pictures of it, but if you live near to an anthropologie definitely go take a look! Around noon we went to the old dutch pancake house on recommendation of my friend Lizzie. The food was delicious, just go there and try, it's totally worth it.
With a filled belly we left King's Road to walk to Harrods, Both being fashion students we're a great fan of designer items and what better place to look at them than Harrods? 
We took a look at Mulberry, YSL, Rebecca Minkoff, Proenza Schouler, Stella Mccartney etc. Than we walked to sloan street, THE place to be for Designer stores. Normally we would be scared to enter those stores but funny enough, I'd just bought a protecter spray from Mulberry for my handbag, so I had a Mulberry shopbag in my hands. Weird enough the sales assistants were a lot nicer to us because of that bag so we entered stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Herm├Ęs and Tiffany & Co.
After walking all day we went back to our hotel to get some rest, an hour later we left again to get dinner. Since we had such a nice dinner in Shakespeare we went there again! And guess what we got, yess indeed, the big ben burger as always! After a fabulous dinner we went back to our hotel to get a good night rest, sadly it was the last night of our trip already.

Day Four | Feb 6
The last day of our trip, we woke up and packed,there wasn't enough space in my luggage to put all of my new things in so I had to stuff some shoppingbags. We checked out but could leave our luggage in the hotel. The tube strike was still going on so we had to do everything by foot again. First stop was Buckingham palace
Next was National Gallery, we both wanted to do a museum and my friend had seen some paintings in class so she was thrilled to see them in real life.
(trafalgar square)
After walking around in the museum we went for a drink in a street near to trafalgar square, when that was done we walked a bit and suddenly saw the M&M store! Of course we had to go in there, and I found a huge bag with a zipper perfect to fit all of my clothes I couldn't fit in my luggage.
After a walk in the M&M store we went to the Pret a manger to get a sandwich and than we went back to our hotel. We wanted to leave early because we weren't sure if the tube to Kings Cross was working and if not we had to take a bus. Luckily the tube to Kings Cross Station was okay so we were about two hours early in the station! We ate some cake (that was way too expensive) and than checked in to get to the eurostar, sadly that was the end of a wonderful trip that gave us both great memories. 
I'll be back soon, London, I'll be back!

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