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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My London Story, Day one and two

Hey Guys,

as you probably all know I've been to London about two weeks ago. I had a fantastic time with my friend Laura, shopping, visiting and eating of course. I'll tell you all about our trip in this post, where we went, what we ate etc. So let's get started.

First Day / Feb 3th

So we had to get up really early (4am) to catch our train from Bruges to Brussels, since the Eurostar departs from Brussels. Once we arrived in London we took the underground to Victoria Station to get to our hotel. We booked three nights in the Sherrif hotel on warwick way, which is sooo close to Victoria station. We chekced in, of course the room was only available from 2pm but we could leave our luggage behind the desk. It was around 10am when we left the hotel for Camden Market, we walked around, shopped a bit and than had a delicious 'lunch' at a chinese (I think it is chinese) stand. Their food is just incredible! I've eaten there twice now and every time I've a slight food orgasm! I'll have to admit the food looks like crap, but really it tastes like heaven!

After Camden we went to see the tower bridge, stupid me thought for a split second it was called the London bridge so we ended up on there, luckily we could see the tower bridge, and take some pictures of it.
 After that we went back to our hotel to officially check in and get our room. The room was not in the main hotel but in a building close to it. The room was pretty small but clean, the bathroom was also very tiny but chic and modern. After unpacking we headed to Nothing Hill. I heared a lot of good things about that area but personally I don't really think it's that amazing. Maybe it's because the market wasn't there or maybe we just went to the wrong streets but anyways we went back to victoria station fairly quickly. Around that time it was 5 o'clock and we were pretty hungry, so we went on the hunt for a restaurant. We ended up eating in Shakespeare, a little restaurant attached to a pub. I ordered the Big Ben Burger which was just AMAZING, really if you're ever in the area of the victoria station look for the Shakespeare and order a Big Ben Burger, it's heaven on earth!
After having that delicious meal we went back to our hotel because we were pretty exhausted and the next day would be shopping day so we needed a good night rest to have a lot of energy for the day after.

Day Two / Feb 4th

The fire alarm of the hotel went off around 7 am, a great start of the day I would say, we decided not to get back in bed but just take a shower, watch tv and go get breakfast in the main hotel building. Around 9:30 am we took the subway to bond street, we went straight to Primark and walked around in there for almost two hours! The Primark on Oxford Street is just ma-hu-ssive! Of course me and my friend Laura got some things and than left for Selfridges. We ate pinkberry frozen yoghurt for lunch and added a mini Lola's cupcake as dessert.

After that we did some more shopping in the Oxford Street, we went to River Island, Forever 21, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Aldo, Schuh, Victoria Secret (of course) etc. And yes we did some serious damage! Here's my Haul. We started to get hungry, luckily I knew a good restaurant from my previous trip to London. We went to Bella Italia, and had an amazing meal!
Our bellies were filled so we had enough strength to do some more shopping, we went to Liberty which is a gorgeous department store near to Carnaby street, sadly we didn't have enough time to go to Carnaby street since the tube strike was going to start around 9pm. So we took the subway back to Victoria. I have to admit, my arms were hurting sooo bad from all the shopping bags, that I was glad to finally drop them on my bed when we arrived in our hotelroom. Me and my friend unpacked all the things we bought, cause it always feels like Christmas when you went shopping and forgot about the things you've bought. After that we called it a day and went to sleep.

To be Continued: Day Three and Four
* Pictures taken by my bestest friend Laura


  1. oooh looks like a fab start to the trip! hope you had lots of fun - can't wait to see more of your london photos! all the food looks amazing!

  2. amai die jas staat u echt goed meid ! x

  3. Supermooie jas met die luipaardprint! Staat je heel goed. :)