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Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Zara City (Office) Bag

Hey Guys,

I guess most of you remember the huge hype around the Zara City Office bag, everyone was over the moon when that bag came out around a year ago, A big amount of blogposts were written about it because it was a very classic, large bag with a lot of compartements AND a patted case to put an ipad in or even a small laptop, some bloggers linked the bag to the well known Chanel executive or the Prada luggage. For the Zara City Office bag lovers, great news, I saw a new bag in store today that looks a lot alike. Only I think it's even cuter!! Can you even believe that?? On the site I could only find the blue and the red (which I think is the most beautiful colour!) but in store they also had the black and camel colour.
This is how it looks likes, it's a gorgeous looking leather (which is different than the previous city office bag because that one had saffiano leather) and a front compartment which the previous one didn't came with either.

The bag has top handles and also comes with a cross body strap which is amazing to use when it's heavy. Inside it has three compartments, two with a zipper, and one of them is padded so you can put your ipad or laptop in it. They even clame you can put a 15'' laptop in there, which might be right because my laptop is 25 x 38 and the exact size of the bag is 29 x 40 x 18cm. The middle compartment doesn't close with a zipper but with a clasp, so I would recommend putting your wallet in a zipped compartment just for your own savety. It's a very big bag, perfect to use for school or work

This is a picture of the middle compartement, as you can see you've two little pockets to put your phone or keys in. Behind the clasp where you can see the zipper is the padded part.
I love this bag, sadly I won't be purchasing it because I really don't need it. I think this version is a bit less sophisticated but more everyday and still chic. The bag reminds me of the leather bags teachers carry, quite old school looking I would say. For what you get this bag isn't very expensive, it's €69,95 which is, if I'm right, a bit more expensive than the first Zara city office bag. But in my opinion it's totally worth it.
PS they didn't name it the City Office Bag, but just the Citybag.

Will this bag be the next blogger hype? I already love it!

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  1. So gorgeous! I love that it doesn't look all new and shiny, nice spot!

    ursulafrancesmunroejackson.blogspot.co.uk x