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Monday, February 10, 2014

Huge London Haul 2014

Hey Guys,

As you may or may not know I've been to London last week. I absolutely love that city and I go there every year. Of course as a slight shopping addict I've bought a few things (A lot actually, but sshtt). I adore all the pieces I got, they are so different from what I usually buy but oh so gorgeous! I know I've spend a lot of money, but I did pay it all with my own money that I saved up from work. I'll try to link the site where you can get the clothing item, every link will appear in fat. Hope you enjoy this post!

These two jackets are seriously stunning! The left one is so sophisticated and chic whilst the right one is more daring, 'in your face' and very different. They are definitely not winter appropriate but hey, Spring is coming soon guys!
Left Pink Jacket: Primark £25
I love tops you can put on and give your outfit an instant 'oumpf', they just make your outfit complete. 
Left Pink floral top: Primark £8
I just had to have these pj pants! They are sooo me, I absolutely LOVE food, I'm a food addict so they're me in a pants! And they were ridiculously cheap! The pink cardigan is perfect winter material, actually I'm wearing it right now! It's soo soft.
Food PJ Pants: Primark £5
Pink Cardigan: Primark £14
Okay, I admit, maybe four necklaces is a bit over the top, but they just make an outfit stand out more! 
From top to bottom, left to right
Gold/orange one: Primark £4
Pink teardrop one: Forever 21 £9.90
Multi-Coloured beaded one: Forver 21 £7
Pink and Gold one: Primark £4
Pink Hairbrush: Primark £1
Of course I had to get some London related things, Primark is the perfect place for that! 
PJ's: Primark £5
London Socks: Primark £2
This is a gorgeous maxi skirt with a split on the left side (of the picture), it is see true, so they've put linning just until around 15 cm above the knee, the rest is quite see true but not too much. I just absolutely love it! Can't wait to wear it in summer time!
Black and White Maxi Skirt: Forver 21 £16.75
I love to wear leggings and I don't like the underwear lines showing true the legging so I bought some 'no show' underwear as well as 'seamless' underwear. They sit just perfect and feel soo comfortable.
Top 5 (you can only see 4): Victoria Secret seamless underwear, 5 for £20
Bottom 3: Victoria Secret 'no show' underwear, 3 for £27
Last but not least, this unique and stunning jumper and gorgeous pants! The Jumper is so cosy and warm and still very unique! I slightly regret not getting more prints. The pants are so light weight but still make your bum look perfect! 
Jumper: Camden Market £25
Trousers: Forver 21 £12

And that's all! I had such a nice time in London! I already miss it, I hope I'll go back soon.
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Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. wow! cool finds! love the jumper from Camden! x