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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfume Collection | Part two

Hey Guys,

This is part two of my perfume collection, I've a true perfume addiction, I just love all the cute bottles and amazing scents. So here it is:

This is a lovely vanilla scent from the bodyshop, it doesn't really need a lot of explenation since it's just vanilla. It's such a warm and sweet/deep scent! I wear it a lot these winter days. The 30ml is only €18!
The next one is the Burberry London Perfume, I don't wear it a lot but still love it. It's a very heavy and sophisticated scent if that makes sense. Here is a description. For a 50ml bottle you'll pay around $72.
This is the Lola Lempicka forbidden flower perfume which I wear a lot as an everyday perfume next to my vanilla bodyshop one. It's pretty heard to find it though, I saw it on ebay for around $46 for 100ml. Here's a description of how it smells like.
This is another Bodyshop perfume. It's called 'Love ETC'. It's really hard to describe this scent because it's very different, so here's a link that will explain exactly how it smells like. The price is around $40.90 for a bottle of 30ml.
The last perfume is a limited edition from Marc Jacobs, called 'eau so fresh sunshine'. It's an amazing summer perfume and I absolutely LOVE to wear it! The only downside about this one is it doesn't last for a long time. After already two hours the scent has faded away. But the bottle is absolutely stunning, isn't it? Here's a link to the description, you might be able to get it on Ebay.

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