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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Perfume Collection | Part one

Hey Guys,

I'm a huge perfume junky! I've quite a lot of perfume so the best thing to do is to divide them in two posts. So this is my Part One. I absolutely love the sweet, fruity and vanilla scents. So you'll see a lot of those coming around. It would take ages to talk about them all and tell you how they smell like so I'll link the description of every perfume next to the name and price.

Let's start with my absolute favorite of them all, Miss Dior Chérie which now just is Miss Dior. I've bought this perfume three years ago in London and it still reminds me of that time, I wear this perfume on special occasions or on days when I want to feel sophisticated. This perfume lasts all day and even the day after you can smell this perfume on your clothes you wore the day before. £66 for 50ml. Here is a link to the description of the perfume from the official Dior site.

Loud from Tommy Hilfiger. A nice everyday perfume, not my absolute favorite but I still like it, and it's pretty cheap too, but it doesn't last all day though. £27 for 40ml Here a link to the description.

Scarlett from Cacharel is a very girly and sweet perfume and the bottle is gorgeous isn't it? I love to wear this one in summer time, It's £49 for 80ml. Here a description of the scent

Next up is 212 Sexy from Carolina Herrera, This is a very sexy and deep/warm scent. Definitely in my top 5 favorites. I wear this day and night and it lasts for ages! It's £47.5 for 60ml, here a description from the official site.

This is a very random perfume I got from a friend, She bought it in a local supermarket. It smells very sophisticated and classy. It's probably not for sale in other countries than Belgium but since it's a perfume from my collection I'm showing you it anyways.

Last but not least for part one is my OH LOLA! perfume by Marc Jacobs, it's a very sweet and fruity scent, I love to wear this in summer, I've actually done a whole review on this perfume so I'll link it here, it's £47 for a bottle of 50ml.

Part Two will be up next Friday so keep your eyes open for that!
Do you have any of these perfumes?
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