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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Designer Handbag Wishlist #3

Hey Guys,

I recently found my love for designer. I always loved designer bags but never really got around saving for them since I'm only 18. But this year I bought my very first designer handbag from Mulberry. I fell in Love, they always say, once you get a designer bag you get addicted. I always thought I would never get addicted but here I am, visiting designer sites every evening and making a million long wishlist. I'll show you the bags that are on the top of my wishlist, and want to add to my collection.

1. First is the CĂ©line Small Trapeze bag, I love all the colours, especially the once with more than one colour in the bag. If I ever have the money I'll definitely buy one with velvet detailing.

2. Second is the Mulberry Lily bag. I love the oatmeal colour, and their new bright green is amazing as well!

3. The classic Chanel 2.55 in caviar leather with gold hardware. Everyone loves this bag, it's almost impossible not too! Sadly it's also one of the more pricey bags. I need to save save save! Or hope I win the lottery

4. This one will probably be my next bag, it's the Alexander Wang rockie bag in black with pale gold hardware, it's a stunning urban style handbag. It's not too big and not too small perfect for everyday. I'm not a fan of huge handbags since I never cary a lot, so this size is perf!

5. Last but not least the oh so famous youtuber bag. The Rebecca Minkoff mini mac clutch is not only cheap, it's made of wonderful leather and is (let's not deny it) gorgeous! I'll probably be buying this bag pretty soon, maybe for my birthday in March.


  1. JAAAA nummer 4 !! Die wil ik ook zo zo graag ! x

  2. Hey Gill, thanks for sharing your wish lists with us. I have all these bags in my wish list with a cute Tory Burch wallet in addition. I am going to buy it next month.