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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Secret Vintage Wardrobe

Hey Guys,

A lot of people love vintage stuff, they go to vintage stores to find that 'hidden' gem. But recently I found a much better place to 'shop'. I took a look at my mothers and grandma's closet and found some amazing things! So all of you run to your mom's closet and look deep down in all the drawers because I'm sure you'll find amazing vintage things.

Look what I found:
When I'm wearing the white lace shirt everyone asks me where it's from because they love it! Well, I found it in my mum's closet. As well as these amazing shoes! They're so over the top with the golden brass panter but so classy and stylish at the same time! These two things are probably over 25 years old.
This skirt is a gorgeous real leather/su├Ęde burn orange pencil skirt that I found in my mums closet and it fits perfectly! The handbag is probably the oldest since I found it in my grandma's closet.
And last but certainly not least is my mum's Balmain watch. It was a gift from my dad ages ago, but since the watch stopped working she bought herself a new one and told us (me and my sister) we could wear it if we wanted. Of course I want to wear this broken watch, it's Balmain guys! A perfect accessory for every girl.

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  1. loveee the shoes ! leuke blog trouwens, neem ook is een kijkje op de mijne :)