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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hey Guys,

Since I started fashion college I've learned a lot about designers. The one in the spotlights today is CARVEN. They've classic designs, use a lot of soft colours such as baby pink, sky blue and light beige, especially in the winter collection 2013 (which is on sale right now!). In their summer collection 2014 the overall colours are green, black and orange with a hint of red and purple/pink. They've also used the 'nature' print, where shirts and skirts have a beautiful landscape printed on them, they look more like a painting with water and flowers and everything. I'm sure if you're wearing those clothing items you feel like you're on holidays in your own shirt!

Here are some of my personal favorites of the Spring 2014 collection.

No, this is not a dress, this is a gorgeous cropped top paired with an A-line skirt. I absolutely love these two pieces together. The top looks very sophisticated because of the colar but is still playfull because it's cropped. Paired with this stunning geometrics A-line skirt that has a classic look because of it's shape but is very different because of the colours. The green is a lime mixed with a grass green to get that fresh effect but  is still soft and not too in your face. Since they've also mixed it with black and white the colour is not overwhelming and the outfit still looks very clean and classy. I wish I have the money to buy these items but sadly as a student I can't afford designer clothes.
The crop top is €130, the skirt's pricetag says €290.

This is what I meant with 'landscape' print. A busy blazer but if you pair it with a baby pink, black or white skirt it would look AMAZING! (€590)

This is a beautiful light pink banana sweater, it looks so soft and cosy (€190)
I'm in love with the shape of this skirt and the metallic orange colour! It's soo retro chic looking. (€350)

And here are some items on sale right now!

€230 now €138
€690 now €414
€730 now €438

Check out their online site for more gorgeousness overload!
PS this is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form.

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