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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Youtubers

Hey Guys,

I've been watching youtube videos ever since I was 13, and I still watch them now I'm 18. I've subscribed to a lot of youtubers and some I'm watching for over 3 years now. I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a top 10 favorite youtubers. So here they are in NO particular order.

1. FleurDeForce
You all got to admit it, she's amazing! I've been watching Fleur's videos for the longest time now and I love them. I love her personality, her vibe, her accent of course and her vlogs are amazing as well! She's a youtuber I think everyone should follow!

2. Ally Valentine
She's a less 'popular' girl on youtube than fleur but certainly as good! Ally loves designer things so a lot of her videos are about designer handbags, shoes or things like that (not all though, she also does makeup videos and ootd etc) and they are absolutely amazing! To be honest if I had to pick one youtuber to look at it would be her! Go to her channel and subscribe because she really deserves a lot more subies.

3. BeautyBaby44
A girl my age with very nice taste of fashion and a slight shopaddiction which means a lot of hauls! Lindsey has just so much lovely videos to watch. She also does vlogs sometimes which are amazing!

4. XameliaX
A funny beauty and fashion lover. I just love her videos because she's so interesting to watch and will never bore you.

5. StrawberryElectric48
Super Funny, I love her vlogs the most but also her beauty and fashion related videos are the best!

6. Meghan Rienks
Another very funny and talented youtuber. She's so beautiful and makes a lot of nice videos.

7. Tanya Burr
She mainly does beauty videos, but I love her fashion videos and vlogs the most! She is such a sweet and beautiful girl and a very talented makeup artist!

8. TalkBeckyTalk
The best friend of Fleur and so nice to watch. She recently decided to do youtube as a job which means a lot of videos! I love her house videos, hauls and tags a lot!

9. Akaydoll
A girl who lives and workes in LA, does almost everyday vlogs and health, fashion and beauty videos.

10. MakeUpByTiffanyD
I love her sense of fashion. She loves to buy designer pieces and talks about clothes in general but also does makeup videos. She films in a beautiful closet and the videos I love the most are the onces she talk about seasonal clothes, which trends she likes, what's on her wishlist etc.

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  1. I love watching Fleurs videos on a rainy day! :)
    Great post,
    L xo