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Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Update #4 End of exams, Blog schedule, Trip to London

Hey Guys,

The exams are finally over, 2014 can officialy start. I'm so happy to have my free time and life back! Let's enjoy life now, I've already went for a drink with a few friends and I'll be going to a Italian restaurant tomorrow with a friend I haven't seen in such a long time. It will be amazing to catch up again. I'll get my results of the exams the 11th of February, so let's all pray for good ones.

Next thing I wanted to talk about is my uploading schedule, I'm planning to post every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. It's possible that I won't have enough time to post 3 times a week when college starts again, but if I change anything in my schedule I'll let you guys know.

So since I've two weeks of vacation I'm planning a trip to London. OMG, I'm soo excited, there definitely will be a haul of this, I'm sure I'll do quite some damage to my credit card! I'm going to London from the 3th till the 6th.  That's from Monday till Thursday, so there is a chance I won't post on Wednesday the 5th since I'm still in London and I won't be bringing my Laptop. I'll try my best to upload on Monday the 3th though.

And last but not least I got gel nails! I've been biting on my nails since the exams started so it was time to do something about it. Aren't they beautiful?

Let's end with a quote, talk to you on Wednesday! If you have any requests please ask

~Always act like you're wearing an invisible crown~

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